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A Picturesque Visit out to Chesapeake City

Dec 13, 2013

Visiting another metropolitan city can be a little boring for some, especially when trying to get away from the hustle and bustle of city life. So instead of staying put at Baltimore city, you can hire a rental bus and head to Chesapeake City instead.

Quaint attractions at Chesapeake City

  • Tour with Miss Clare
  • Check out Historic Houses
  • Bethel Bridge Lighthouse & The C&D Canal Museum

Miss Clare is not a woman; it is actually a traditional Chesapeake Bay Work Boat that you can take a cruise in along the C&D Canal. There are many type of cruises to choose from depending on your preference. Choose either a historical cruise, a twilight ride, or a trip to see the Turkey Point lighthouse from the headwaters of Chesapeake Bay. There are only some sights that can be found while cruising along the canal.

Chesapeake City holds a lot of history, and you can see that by looking at the number of beautiful historic architecture of homes. Many of these historic houses are located at South Chesapeake City Historic District, where many mid 19th century houses are built. This is the period where there was much prosperity due to the commercial activity between Chesapeake and Delaware Canal. Don’t miss out the opportunity to take beautiful photos of these magnificent architecture.

The history of the C&D Canal is one that is rich and prosperous, extending back to pre-colonial days. At that time, the Bethel Bridge Lighthouse was built to warn trading and passenger ships traveling on the canal of the many locks and bridges along this waterway. However, when the canal was upgraded in 1927, this lighthouse was deemed unnecessary and a 30-foot wooden replica of the same lighthouse was built near The C&D Canal Museum. If you visit the lighthouse, don’t forget to also check out the museum that features many original artifacts from the 19th century.

Traveling from Baltimore to Chesapeake City

The easiest way to get from downtown Baltimore to Chesapeake City would be by charter bus. The distance from these two places is approximately 63 miles and can take more than an hour of being on the road . Since traveling for that kind of time can be boring for children being cooped up, or the driver who can’t enjoy the sights, chartering a bus would be ideal. Check out the sights along the Interstate 95 where you will pass by beautiful rolling hills and relaxing greenery.

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