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Dec 12, 2012 - Maryland on the half shell

If you are traveling through Maryland on a hire bus from Bus Rental Maryland, you cannot help but notice that enormous bay out of the window. This is Chesapeake Bay, Maryland’s single largest geographic feature. This huge body of water is the world’s third largest estuary, and was once known for it’s abundant seafood and shellfish. Unfortunately, over the years, overfishing and pollution have severely reduced the the catch being brought from the bay. Measures have been taken over the past couple of decades to reverse this, and preserve the eco-system and fishing grounds. This has led to the bay making some recovery, and Maryland seafood is again available to be enjoyed by all.

Maryland’s cuisine can be a little exotic. Years of overfishing can make certain delicacies hard to find, but a little persistent searching will yield delicious rewards. Most famous of Maryland local delicacies are Maryland Blue Crabs. The blue crab is Maryland’s state symbol, and prepared in the local manner, makes for a wonderful meal. Blue Crab is usually served in large quantities, drenched in peppery Old Bay sauce, and accompanied with copious amounts of beer.

Another specialty is soft shell blue crab. These are crabs which have shed their hard shell, and are in the process of growing a new, larger shell to grow into. Known around the world as a delicacy in high class , fine dining establishments, soft shell blue crab is pretty much an everyday bar food staple in Maryland. Just grab the crab, and eat it all. In Maryland, soft shell blue crab is usually served in a bun, with a variety of condiments.

Aside from crabs, you will also find a variety of shellfish on the menu. Oysters on the half shell are what Chesapeake Bay is famous, and over here you will get them fresh, served with a hot sauce. Chesapeake Bay clams are also served the same way. If you’re visiting during the colder months, a meal of steamed mussels are an excellent way to warm yourself up. If you are in Baltimore, visit Bertha’s for the best steamed mussels in the state.

Having nothing much to do with the bay, or the sea, it might surprise you to learn that friend chicken is very much a Maryland specialty. It is a known fact that restaurants in Kentucky serve fried chicken done in the Maryland style. Fried chicken in Maryland is pan fried with about a quarter inch of oil, leaving a crispy skin that differs from the deep fried crunchy type. This delicacy can be a little hard to find, but a little searching and inquiries with old timers in Maryland will lead you to unassuming shacks with hand painted “Chicken” signs out front.

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